The Brewery at Bacchus is a 3-barrel brewery housed in the back of Bacchus Restaurant in New Paltz, NY. Brewers Michael Renganeschi and Jason Synan, started the project in 2013 after meeting as employees at the restaurant. The brewery quickly developed a reputation as a premiere producer of farmhouse ales and barrel aged sour beers in New York. In 2015, they began a small and careful distribution network that has allowed their beer to be available in some of the best craft beer bars in the country.



Like all good breweries, we brew the beer that we like to drink. For us those are usually juicy hoppy beers, funky farmhouse ales, and bright barrel aged sours. We make all sort of different styles of beer, but for us, we try to create something that is complex, beautiful, and always enjoyable. We believe that beer thanks patience, creativity, and passion, and we hope to have enough of those things to create something great each time we brew.