Our Farmhouse Ales

Our Farmhouse Ales

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At The Brewery at Bacchus, we are not unique in our love for farmhouse ales. Brewers have been making farmhouse ales for centuries, inherently with mixed culture fermentations because of the process and equipment they used. These beers were, one would imagine, unique to each brewery and filled with the sort of “terroir” that wineries talk about. We don’t know if these beers tasted any good, but we love the ideas behind them. In our world of modern brewing, funky, mixed culture fermentations are relatively new. They are a sort of pendulum swing away from the sterility and monotony of too many single culture pure fermentations: for a long time the world of brewing has been concerned with pure yeast fermentation and preventing “contamination” from wild yeast and bacteria.

We believe that mixed culture fermentation, that is, producing beer with a variety of different microorganisms, some intended for the production of beer and some not, creates a much more exciting, interesting, and ultimately enjoyable product. We are certainly not alone in this: our favorite beers and what we consider the best breweries in the world are making beers this way, and have been for a long time. But this blog is where we will talk about how we do it and why.



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